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Welded and Modular Assemblies

Liberty Pressing Solutions offers welded and modular assemblies, dedicated to the volume manufacturing industries. Produced from a range of materials - such as mild steel (coated and self colour), stainless steels, aluminium and composite materials - by a skilled and dedicated workforce, these assemblies usually find their application in the automotive, light commercial and off-highway industries.

The company has an impressive range of plant and equipment, and utilises the following processes in its production:

  • Spot welding;
  • MIG welding;
  • TIG welding;
  • Robotic welding;
  • Nut welders;
  • Hemming sealant application; and
  • Manual metal working along with paint finishes.

Liberty Pressing Solutions has a substantial amount of experience handing large projects for customers. The business has an in-house design and engineering team which can assist clients with their project from the very start. 

Automotive customers also benefit from Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) together with the company's full industry specific and customer approvals.



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